Ocean Encounters

Encounter Dolphins, Manta Rays and More

Marine Wildlife Encounters – Kona, HI

Take advantage of all the fun the Pacific Ocean has waiting for you on an Ocean Encounters expedition! With years of experience boating, snorkeling, fishing and seeking marine creatures in the Kona region, we are proud to offer the best marine wildlife encounters in the area.

Our experienced guides and crew love these animals so intently that they know most of what there is to know about them and are excited to share that knowledge with you.

Whether you are looking to witness whales, encounter dolphins and manta rays, meet new friends or just get away from it all, Ocean Encounters can help. So shed the stress and worry of everyday life and enjoy a fantastic time. Contact Ocean Encounters today!

  • Manta Ray Night Snorkel

    Head out into the Pacific Ocean off Kona to see the sunset over the water before diving in to enjoy swimming freely with Manta Rays in their underwater nighttime realm, an electric experience unlike anything else in the world.
  • Dolphin Encounter / Kealakekua Reef Snorkel

    Strap on your snorkel gear and get ready to jump into the warm Hawaiian sea for the swim of a lifetime. On your 4-hour Ocean Encounters journey you will travel to Kealakekua Bay to join more than 600 underwater species, including Hawaiian spinner and spotted dolphins.
  • Whale Watching Charter

    Join us for a 2.5 hour tour in search of Humpback Whales and get some great encounters with some of the biggest creatures in the Ocean.
  • Join us for a Kona Ocean Encounter

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